A Fun Trip to Seaworld

We hadn’t been to Seaworld in years so when the charter school organized a fieldtrip I jumped right on board! The cool thing about this particular trip is that it wasn’t just a regular day at the park. They got a behind the scenes tour as well. My hubby got to enjoy the trip with them and I got to stay home and enjoy an easier work load for the day. Win-win situation wouldn’t you say? I packed their lunch and sent them off with strict instructions to take lots of pictures and come back home with plenty of details about their day. They did just that, Alhumdulilah. When they got back they were bubbling over with the exciting details of their trip and I was just as eager to hear all about it.


Dad: The stingrays kept coming over to us so we could pet them. They were very social. Husayn kept leaning in too far to touch them and I thought he was going to fall in. Thank God he didn’t!


Muhammad: The people take the stingers out of the sting rays so they can’t hurt you. It takes the stingers about one year to grow back.

Dad: When the lady gave us the shrimp to feed the sting ray it sucked the food out of our hand. The teeth are flat and it feels kind of weird. You can feel the teeth but it’s not biting you. It’s kind of like a tickle.

Zee: The turtles were rescued animals. We saw turtles in the behind the scenes tour. They are endangered. They mistake fingers for food so don’t stick your fingers in the pool! They told us this month they rescued 18 animals.



Dad: We learned that it’s hard to get the dolphins out of the ocean. They take them out of the ocean because they are sick. They bring them to Seaworld and nurse them back to health. Then they take them to the ocean all healthy again. They have a 80% turn around rate. The other 20% either die or have to live in captivity because they are not fit to go back in the wild.



Dad: Dolphins talk to each other. One type of dolphin (can’t remember the name but it’s black and white and I think it starts with a c) has a high pitch scream that they use to call each other. But they don’t call for long because the killer whale will hear and come eat them. Killer whales love to eat these particular types of dolphins.



Muhammad: Who do you think would win in a fight, a great white shark or killer whale? The guy said the killer whale would win. The killer whales hunt like wolves, they hunt in packs. The great white shark is an antisocial animal. They come together when it’s time to hunt and that’s it. Since they travel alone it makes them easier to kill.

Dad: Killer whales are very social animals. The killer whale eats dolphins, sea lions, and fish. The killer whale also eats the biggest animal on the planet, which is the blue whale. The blue whale’s tongue weighs 7 tons.  The blue whales tongue weighs as much as a killer whale’s whole body! The blue whale weighs so much, they can’t weigh it so no one is really sure how much it weighs.

They took us to the labs where they take the animals blood work, doctor them up and perform surgery on them. They also showed us where they check the water temperature and cleanliness. The water has to be checked every two hours.

Sainy: The bony fish cleaned my hand.

Dad: Yeah after we got finished touching and playing with the sharks, we stuck our hand in the water and the bony fish ate all the dirt and bacteria off our hands.


Zee: The manta is the most scariest ride in the world! I got on it 3 times, once by myself and then twice with my brother. It was a lot of fun.

Muhammad: Ship Wreck is a water ride. It goes really fast and spins in circles. Sainy was able to get on that one. If you pay a quarter you can spray people that are on the ride. Someone got me so I had to get someone else when we got off the ride.

Zee: Rip tide is a flying in the air ride. It’s not scary, it just makes you dizzy.

Random Pics





Random Facts We Learned:

  • Everyone thinks that great white sharks are dangerous but they really don’t like to eat people. You have a better chance of dying from being hit in the head by a coconut or being struck by lightning twice then being eaten by a shark!
  • Sea otters are like underwater dogs. 
  • The starfish is really not a fish. They belong to a group of animals called echinoderms. 
  • The starfish’s real name is sea star
  • Jellyfish are not fish either. They belong to the Cnidaria phylum. 
Relevant Ayats:

“There is not an animal on earth, nor a bird that flies on its wings, but they are communities like you”       The Holy Qur’an; 6:38

Seest thou not that it is Allah Whose praises are celebrated by all beings in the heavens and on earth, and by the birds with extended wings? Each one knows its prayer and psalm, And Allah is aware of what they do.”      The Holy Qur’an; 24:41

The seven heavens and the earth and all things therein declare His glory. There is not a thing but celebrates His adoration; and yet ye mankind! ye understand not how do they declare His glory….”         The Holy Qur’an; 17:44

“And He it is Who sends the winds, as glad tidings heralding His mercy. And We send down pure water from the clouds, that We may give life thereby, by watering the parched earth, and slake the thirst of those We have created — both the animals and the human beings in multitude.”        The Holy Qur’an; 25:48,49

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  1. Asalamualaikum wahrahmahtuallahi wabaraktu Mashallah those are great pics and info. I am so happy to see that you take great pride in educating your children and that you make learning fun. May Allah reward you and your family. Ameen

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