Adam to Zamzam ABC Islamic Reader

Adam to Zamzam Book Launch

Asalamu alaikum sisters and brothers, as some of you may know my sister and I have been working diligently on the Islamic Phonics Readers series for Muslim children. I am very happy to announce that today we launched Adam to Zamzam, our level one reader! We created a really cool book trailer to show you what our book is all about. Check it out!

Ground Breaking Curriculum For Muslim Children!

Adam to Zamzam is a colorful and engaging ABC reader. This reader will introduce your child the English alphabet, the basic foundation that children need in order to learn how to read. A set of flashcards with the lowercase and uppercase letters are available for free download on our website. We suggest using our flashcards in conjunction with Adam to Zamzam in order to reinforce the letter sounds and names. This set is an excellent resource for teaching your children/students phonics. Phonics is the primary building blocks to reading and writing proficiently.

Adam to Zamzam. The First book in the Islamic Phonics Readers Series

As Muslim educators we recognize the need for curriculum that teaches children about their religion, their relationship with Allah, and how to be upright, moral human beings. In order for our children to have a strong Muslim identity and a true love for this deen, it is crucial that they connect with these Islamic principles on a daily basis. Our readers are written and illustrated in a fun yet educational way which makes that possible.

Adam to Zamzam ABC Islamic Reader

Why Not Use One of Those Other Readers?

There are lots of other readers already on the market, Bob Books, Abekka and Dick and Jane to name just a few. You may already have some of these books on your shelf. There are lot’s on the market so what’s so special about The Islamic Phonics Readers Series you ask? Our readers are written with the Muslim child in mind. We not only include a wide range of ethnicities and cultures, we also introduce Islamic terms and concepts into your child’s vocabulary. Our books are designed to nurture a love for Allah and His deen, while teaching the fundamentals of literacy. Non-secular and engaging, our books are sure to please both teachers and pupils.

Adam to Zamzam ABC Islamic ReaderLearning to read is a fundamental process that all children must go through in order to have success in life. Why not give them the gift of literacy, while simultaneously cultivating their faith and strengthening their deen? I can’t think of one reason! 

So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy for your young learner today!

Adam to Zamzam ABC Islamic Phonics Reader

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