Adventures in Gardening Part 1

It grew, it grew, it finally grew! Mashalah I have been working on my garden for over a year and I finally get to see the fruits of my labor-literally! I went outside the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see the teeniest, tiniest baby tomato plant! I squealed with delight and ran in the house to share my good news with everyone else. You know, it’s the little things that make you so happy:-)

Ok so now for the bad news- everything else is dead or dying. šŸ™ My peppers were the first to shrivel up and keel over, with my basil in tow. Then my artichoke went kapooee. My chives and celery are trying to hang on, but I don’t have much hope for them. Alhumdulilah for my three tomato plants that are going strong. If it wasn’t for them I would be very distraught. What’s that? Don’t give up you say? Well I’m not! Inshalah I plan on going to buy some cow manure and plant food to add to the dirt. That along with some dua just might do the trick. If not I’m going to pluck them all out and start over with something that is very easy to grow. Like beans.

Jamila is a homeschool mom, author, blogger, entrepreneur and sometimes gardener.

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