Adventures in Gardening part 3

Gardening is contagious and once you have the bug you just can’t stop! I was inspired by my dear friend Haseenah to start my garden. She has it going on, mashalah. I love to walk around her garden and look at all the fruits and vegetables she is growing. The thing is she’s a rookie but you can’t tell by looking at her beautiful garden! I had the pleasure of interviewing Haseenah and her 10 year old daughter Fatima, mashalah. I hope you all enjoy reading about their adventures in gardening as much as I enjoyed conducting this

Haseenah walks around her garden and tells me what’s what.

Haseenah: My daughter Fatima has taken over these chives here. They just keep producing. She clips them and they grow back. Also the Basil and the kale that I thought were completly dead! The snap peas surprised us the most. I had completely given up on them. Fatima said no, let’s not give up on it and it gave the most snap peas out of all our other plants.

Me: What did you do to get them growing again Fatima?

Fatima: I watered them early in the morning after mama stopped watering them. I gave them a lot of love. I talked to them and I told them to grow. I recited Quran over them. It worked!

Me: Fatima How do you feel about having your own garden?

Fatima: I feel happy that I get to eat organic produce that I take care of. I know exactly what’s going on with them.

Haseenah has a bubbly one year old daughter who plays happily in the garden while we chat.

Me: As the mother of a busy toddler myself, I just have to ask this question-how did you manage to get all this going with a very curious 1 year old running around?

Haseenah: It was very difficult. She picked all the strawberries. A couple of weeks ago she pulled the strawberry plant in half and now it’s dying. All three of my planter box were fully rimmed with onions and she pulled almost every onion up. I think I only had one onion come up out of my bunch.

Me: How did you get her to stop?

Haseenah: I didn’t really do anything. I think she just got tired of tearing up stuff and just stopped.

Me: Do you have a lot of bugs in your garden?

Haseenah: We see lots of caterpillars. One time we saw a fully grown hornworm. It was bigger then my thumb, about three inches long! It started to hiss and spit green stuff at my husband! It was eating our tomatoes and our tomato leaves.

Me: So what did you do?

Haseenah: We just threw it over the fence.

Me: What did you do about the catterpillars?

Haseenah: I left them there. All Allah’s creatures have to eat. As long as they’re not killing my plants I’m good.

Me: Wow mashalah, I would’ve thought that would be a problem!

Haseenah: It’s not a problem for me. I have a few holes in my leaves but it’s not a problem.

Now, my broccoli here grows so well! I’m so amazed at how much broccoli I get from my plants. You snip it like you do flowers and it keeps growing back! I got this broccoli for $1 per six pack at the farmers market.

I planted all these cucumber and thought they were zucchini. That was really funny. I let them grow and grow and grow because I was waiting for them to start looking like zucchinis. I didn’t realize they were cucumbers until a friend came over and told me to pluck them. Then I had another cucumber, a persian cucumber, that I thought was a melon. You really need to label your plants. I didn’t label anything so I didn’t know what anything was.

So there were a lot of ups and downs on this journey of mine but I have a good support system, alhumdulilah, and I just keep going.

Me: What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting a garden but doesn’t think they can do it?

Haseenah: I would say gardening is a lot easier then you think. You really just need to give it water and love. You will find that it’s really quite relaxing to weed and take care of your pgarden. It’s exciting, relaxing and very therapeutic.

Pictures of Haseenah’s lovely garden:


Red Bell Peppers


Green Bell Peppers

A Nectarine Tree

A Pink Lemonade Tree

A Lemon Tree





Zucchini and cucumbers Haseenah generously gave me from her garden:-)

My daughter holding our prize zucchini:-)

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