Arabic Alphabet Activity: The Race Car Project

Arabic Alphabet Activity: The Race Car Project

Little boys like little cars, that’s a fact. My boys can’t get enough of them. Hot Wheels are their favorite, but they will play with any little toy car they can get their hands on for hours on end. I’m always on the look out for a fun way to teach the Arabic alphabet so when I saw this project on, I just had to do it with my 3 little niños……with a bit of variation of course. 😉

To do this project you’ll need:


*Before you began read the disclaimer below.

The first thing your going to want to do is find a low traffic area. I made the mistake of doing this in my front room right near the doorway and the duct tape got messed up pretty quickly. You wanna find a place off to the side where folks won’t walk over it too much. Then decide how you want your “roads” to go. Your child will probably like to help with this step. Once you’ve decided where to put the “roads” start laying down the tape.


Now make little dashes through the middle of the duct tape. You should be able to eyeball it, but you can use a ruler to measure the distance from the edge to the center of the tape.

Once you’ve created your roads your ready to put the letters on the cars. Choose a few Arabic letters to work on, or if you have 28 cars you could do the entire Arabic alphabet. I chose to do just a few letters that my boys were stuck on instead of a whole bunch at one time.

Arabic Alphabet Activity: The Race Car Project

Cut your paper into the shape of a small square that will fit on the top of the toy cars. With your sharpie marker write out the letter on the small piece of paper and then tape or glue it to the top of the car. Repeat this process for all of the cars. Once your finished let the races began!

Arabic Alphabet Activity: The Race Car Project



Arabic Alphabet Activity: The Race Car Project



Arabic Alphabet Activity: The Race Car Project


Arabic Alphabet Activity: The Race Car Project

I enjoyed racing the cars with my kids, but I also liked to watch them play by themselves. They have such lively imaginations, Alhumdulilah. It’s cool to just sit back and observe them while they have their fun. This project can be used to learn the Arabic numbers and English alphabet and numbers as well.


*Important info about duct tape!

Duct tape can damage your floors depending on what type of flooring you have. Research before you start this project. I would not leave the tape down for a long period of time. Not sure specifically how long you could leave it before damage will occur, but I would not leave it for longer than a month. Any longer and you may find yourself in a rather sticky situation (no pun intended). We are not responsible for any damage that may happen to your home as a result of this project. Please exercise precaution and do your research.


This funtastic Arabic alphabet project was brought to you by me and my three boys. We hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures in homeschooling. If you liked this project you might also like this Arabic Alphabet collage and mosaic art project. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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6 thoughts on “Arabic Alphabet Activity: The Race Car Project

  1. What great fun! Learning while playing, I love it. I’m sure that even my 3 year old girl will enjoy this activity. We might set it up on the table since right now the floors are super cold in our house.

  2. Such a cute idea! I remember when my now-15yo son would lie on his side just like your little boy and just watch the car as he slowly moved it back and forth. It was hypnotizing and so sweet!

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