Arabic Alphabet Craft: Cotton Ball Activity

It’s a great idea to use craft activities to reinforce Arabic alphabet letter recognition. Here’s a fun and easy Arabic alphabet craft to do with your kiddos. I did this project with my children over the summer and it was a hit!



The directions and materials for this project are very simple.

Here’s what you need:

  • construction paper
  • a marker or pencil
  • cotton balls
  • glue

Here’s what you do:

Arabic Alphabet Cotton Ball Activity

Write the letter out, nice and big, on a piece of construction paper.

Arabic Alphabet Cotton Ball Activity


Have the kids trace the letter with a glue stick and then add the the cotton balls along the line of the letter. Or they can add glue as they add cotton balls. Either way is fine.

Arabic Alphabet Cotton Ball Activity


Arabic Alphabet Cotton Ball Activity

The fished project! Beautiful artwork to post on your fridge or wall. 🙂

Special thanks to who inspired us to do this project.


If you decide to do this Arabic alphabet craft with your little one please share a pic with us. You can email it to us at or post it on our facebook page Successful Muslim Homeschool. As always we thank you for stopping by and we hope you will visit us again. 🙂




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10 thoughts on “Arabic Alphabet Craft: Cotton Ball Activity

  1. What a great project! We are working on Arabic numbers with my almost 4 year old, and she’s pretty bored with the worksheets she has. I should try something like this!

  2. This is great! I’m realizing how important these activities are to learning to write properly. The brain needs to take it all in first. My kids would love this, pinning for late 🙂

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