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Arabic Spell & Learn: Review

I received ThinkerNation’s Arabic Spell & Learn and the Arabic Alphabet Puzzle a few days before Eid. They are both fantastic learning tools! The children and I really enjoyed using them. Today I am writing about Arabic Spell & Learn. If you would like to read about the Arabic Alphabet Puzzle click here.


What I like most about Arabic Spell & Learn is the phonetic transliteration into English. This helps children learn the proper pronunciation for each word. The puzzle pieces are color coded to introduce concepts of beginning, middle and end forms. What a perfect way to introduce kids to this concept! It’s a great idea to use the Arabic Spell & Learn puzzles in addition to whatever Arabic curriculum you are currently using. It will surely give your lessons a nice educational boost!

Arabic Spell & Learn

These mini puzzles are really cute and very well made. They are like little flashcards, only much more fun! Arabic Spell & Learn will help your child to:

  • Learn to spell Arabic words
  • Build vocabulary 
  • Learn 24 commonly used words, including weather, animals and places.
  • Become more familiar with the Arabic language

Arabic Spell & Learn

The illustrations on the Arabic Spell & Learn puzzles are very beautiful. The colors are bold and vibrant. I like that the artist took the time to make the pictures nice and detailed. My son kept commenting on “how nice the pictures are.”  The children were completely engaged in the task at hand. I enjoyed watching them as they merrily worked on putting all the pieces into the right place. 

Arabic Spell & Learn

Arabic Spell & Learn is intended for older children who have moved on to reading and writing words. The pieces are smaller and the dots are loose, as opposed to being attached like they are on the Arabic Alphabet Puzzle. Both of these features are better suited for older students who are less likely to lose the tiny pieces or put them in their mouth. I think the loose dots are a great idea because the children have to stop and think about where they go. This helps them learn.

My 8 and 10 year old boys really enjoyed putting the puzzles together. They are both learning how to read and write Arabic so this is a great tool for them. Here’s what they had to say about Spell & Learn Arabic puzzles:

Sainy: “It’s not the cheap kind of wood that breaks into pieces. It’s really sturdy. It was fun putting it together and trying to find out where the pieces went. I learned that “calb” means dog in Arabic.”

E: “The puzzles are artistic. I like the pictures. I learned that my sister’s name means flower”.

Arabic Spell & Learn


Last Thoughts

Alhumdulilah, I am very grateful to the team at Thinker Nation for producing such high quality educational tools for the Muslim youth. Please visit their site for more details and to purchase their puzzles for your young learners.

Thank you so much for stopping by and please visit us again real soon, inshallah. Before you go, drop a comment below and let us know what you think about Arabic Spell & Learn. We love and appreciate your feedback. Ramadan Mubarak!


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