Our Trip to City Farmers Nursery


Horses and koi fish and goats, oh my! That’s what you’ll see and more at City Farmers Nursery. It’s an urban farm oasis here in sunny San Diego. My family and I really like to visit this beautiful Nursery found in the heart of City Heights. There is so much to see and do for children and adults alike. The vibe is so peaceful and scerene that you get there and don’t want to leave! The owner, Bill, and his staff are quite friendly, approachable, and very resourceful. City Farmers is San Diego’s largest organically maintained, family-owned nursery.

  There are so many fruit trees!

                And so many animals too! Isn’t this turkey gorgeous, Alhumdulilah?







































There’s Bill!

                       Aren’t these pencils cool? They are made from real wood                     and only cost about 60 cents each.


Have you taken a trip to your local Nursery yet? Nurseries are inspiring, fun and best of all they’re free! You don’t have to be into gardening (all though you should be) to enjoy a trip to the nursery. Some nurseries have animals, picnic or play areas for young children, and homestead classes. Usually all for free!

So what are you waiting for? If you havn’t already, go check out your local nursery and let us know about your trip. 🙂



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