Chronicles of a Semi-Unschooler: Follow The Rainbow

Chronicles of a Semi-Unschooler: Follow The Rainbow!

I consider myself rather eclectic in my homechool approach, though I truly do love the unschooling concept that many homeschool families adhere to. I don’t consider myself an unschooler, but I try to weave in unschooling by observing what the kids are up to and I “ride the wave” of whatever interests them at the time. It’s a very interesting journey, kinda spiritual I’d say. It’s like Allah (SWT) leads us in the direction He’d like to take us. From my observation, teachable moments pop up in the most unlikely places. Every since I learned about the whole “unschooling” phenomenon while writing “The Muslim Family Guide to Successful Homeschooling“,  I’m always on the look out for them. For sure they make interesting stories to tell (I couldn’t make up better stuff!). After the last bit of early morning excitement happened I thought, why not share these stories with my readers? So here we are! Inshalah, I will be keeping up with each little adventure and tell you guys all about it, so stay tuned! I believe you’ll find it all very interesting and most surely entertaining. 🙂


We had just finished with breakfast. I told my 3 younger boys to hurry up and clean up so that we could continue with our math lessons. For some reason they were more hyper than usual. They were bouncing off the walls which meant they weren’t getting the work done very quickly. I was trying hard not to get annoyed. I went in another room for something and came back to see them very excited about a rainbow that was reflecting onto the wall.
“Ok that’s nice”, I said in my “I’m trying very hard to be patient, ding-dong school teacher” voice. “Why haven’t you all cleaned up yet?”

They moved back toward the direction of the dining room.  I thought twice about the situation and then asked “OK where is this rainbow?”

They proceeded to show me. I had to hold my head at a certain angle to see it (How they spotted this while they were supposed to be busy tidying up is far beyond me). It took me a minute, but I finally saw what was interrupting the morning chores. A medium-sized, oblong rainbow reflecting on the wall. The sunlight shining through the front room curtains was responsible for our colorful visitor.

“OK y’all can look at it”, I told them. “I guess this is science.”

“Yeah this is science!” Husayn said happily.

Yaay for the kids! But I needed to get some form of house work done. I decided to take the trash out while they were busy ogling at rainbow on our wall. I came back about 3 minutes later and they had kicked things up a notch. They had gotten a spray bottle from somewhere and were happily spraying water near the window. This made the rainbow on the wall bigger and more visible.

“The sun is reflecting off the water!”, Husayn said excitedly.

Wonderful, alhumdulilah! Only problem was now there was water all over the front room floor and I was worried the baby might slip in it. Not to mention the water sprayer was a naked 3 year old (don’t ask) who needed some attention quick. Ok that was the end of that.  I sent 2 boys back to clean up, got the other boy’s underwear on and had someone clean up the water, while I nursed the baby who decided to be hungry at that precise moment. Then the phone rang. Needless to say we were totally derailed, but hey it was definitely worth it. 🙂

Check back to hear how this story ends. We will be doing some real cool crafts and activities to help my youngens learn all about rainbows. Inshalah, this is gonna be real fun adventure. Thanks for reading!

To be continued………

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