Colors of The Rainbow Activities: Worksheets and Bar Graph

My kids have taken an interest in rainbows so we’re riding the wave of their enthusiasm as far as it takes us. So far this has been a rather interesting journey with many twists and turns. I’ve been combing pinterest for rainbow activities and I’m finding quite a bit of great ideas and inspiration from other moms and teachers. (Did I mention how much I love pinterest?)

In this post I am sharing some worksheets and a rainbow bar graph we made. I was inspired by Chipman’s Corner Preschool’s favorite vegetable graph. We switched it up a little bit and graphed favorite fruits. My first grader called family and friends and asked them which of the 7 fruits we picked were their favorite. I asked some folks too. A totoal of 29 people took the survey and we got some pretty interesting results. Who would have thought only one person would vote for grapes?!


We used the data we collected from the survey to create a rainbow colored bar graph. I made sure I put the colors in the same order that they appear in a rainbow. While making the bar graph with my son, I was able to squeeze in a lesson on multiplication and division. I explained to him that we needed 7 bars and I wanted each bar to be 2 inches wide. In order to do that we had to multiply 7 times 2 and then draw a line that was that long. 7 times 2 equals 14, so we drew a 14 inch line and then measured exactly 2 inches for each bar. I also pointed out that 14 divided by 7 equals 2 and he was able to see that quite clearly.

Other topics we covered:

  • We revisited the meaning of data, tally marks and graphs. We already went over these concepts in the earlier part of the school year but it was a nice review.
  • I showed my first grader how he could change the look of his art by applying more or less pressure to his paper with his crayon. I also told him that he could change the way his drawing looked by making his strokes go up and down or side ways. He wants to be an artist like his big sis so it was cool to be able to stick an art lesson in there.
  • We learned the colors of the rainbow, in order, and revisited how rainbows are formed.
  • My first grader was able to practice his handwriting. He was the one who wrote down the data we collected for the bar graph.
  • Of course we revisited the story of prophet Nuh. They watched  One Islam Production’s cartoon version on Youtube.


I had them do a couple of worksheets to reinforce what we learned about rainbows.


 Above worksheet via

Fun Rainbow Worksheets For Kids.

 Above worksheet via

Even my 4 year old participated in our class. He colored the one in the middle. 🙂

We hope you enjoyed reading about our recent adventures in homeschooling. I will be sharing a lot more rainbow activities over the next few weeks so please check back with us. Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy homesch0ooling!

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  1. Masha’Allah, this is a great example of encouraging the interest of our children. Kids learn so much better when given a chance to explore their interests!

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