Homemade Eid Gifts: Beautiful Hijab Pins Made Easy

There’s something very special about getting a homemade gift. The fact that someone put lots of time, thought and effort into making a unique gift, just for you, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As much as people like to receive these gifts, crafty folks like to make them. It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding too!

Inshalah, you might consider making a few homemade Eid gifts for your friends and family this year. I have a few ideas for simple gifts that you and your children can make. The first one that I would like to share with you is hijab pins. There are many tutorials on line for making hijab pins, but I’ve simplified mine quite a bit. I came up with this style a few years ago when I began selling hijab pins in my etsy shop. They are easy, very inexpensive to make and they make great gifts!

What you need:

  • a glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • flat flower head pins (can be found at Joann’s Fabrics)
  • wire cutter
  • felt (the same color as your flower)
  • flowers


You can use silk flowers with stems or you can use the flowers that come in a pack without stems. If you are using silk flowers with stems, simply clip the flowers off the stems using your wire cutter. Pull the green base off the back and clip the stem completely off, as seen in the above photo. Cut out a small circle of felt, just large enough to cover the circular part of the pins.

Put a dab of glue over the hole where you clipped the stem off. Be sure that the glue goes through the layers of flower petals so they will stay glued together.


Immediately place the circular part of the straight pin on top of the dot of glue. Put another dab of glue and then put your piece of felt over that, as seen in the above photo. Let it cool and, Alhumdulilah, you have finished your pin!


This flower we used is a big one, but you can buy smaller ones too. These are nice to wear on a fancy occasion, such as Eid.


These smaller flowers come in a pack and can be bought at JoAnn’s Fabrics. I prefer the smaller ones for everyday use.


Check out Many Horses Jewelry Supply & Artwork if you wish to purchase caps (also called a clutch) for your hijab pins.

Special thanks to my niece for modeling for us and to my daughter Naj for demonstrating how to make our pins. Great job laddies!

We hope you all found this post useful. Inshalah, we will try to post more. If you decide to make some hijab pins using our method, we would love to see what you made. Please email us some photos to happycaliteacher@yahoo.com or you can post them on my facebook page, Successful Muslim Homeschool.

As always, we thank you so much for stopping by and we hope that you will come again. 🙂

Jamila is a homeschool mom, author, blogger, entrepreneur and sometimes gardener.

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