Islamic Homeschool: The Muslim Homeschool Guide Book

Islamic Homeschool: The Muslim Homeschool Guide Book

Attention All Muslim Parents!

Are You a Homeschooling Parent, Considering Homeschooling, or Just Curious About It?

If You Answered Yes to Any of these Questions, Look No Further!

I have written The Muslim Family Guide To Successful Homeschooling Just for You!

This Islamic homeschool guide book is a valuable tool, full of advice from Muslim families who successfully homeschool their children. The Muslim Family Guide to Successful Homeschooling not only motivates and encourages, but also describes in ‘real life’ experience how to teach your own. We all want our kids to become lifelong enthusiastic learning Mu’min. The Muslim Family Guide to Successful Homeschooling can help you teach your children to develop the attitudes to do just that, Insha’Allah. 

The Muslim homeschool guide will teach you:

  • The many benefits of homeschooling.
  • How to avoid pitfalls and mistakes that can occur.
  • The pros and cons of homeschool and public school.
  • How to handle toddlers while teaching older children.
  • How to maintain an Islamic home environment.
  • Sound advice on parenting and motivating teens.
  • Multi-level teaching and unit studies.
  • Real homeschool experiences from other Muslim families.
  • If you are a parent who’s children are in public school you’ll get some great tips on what to do to insure that your children have the best experience possible.
  • Already homeschooling, but feeling tired and frustrated? This book will give you a lift and help you to redetermine your reason for homeschooling.

And So Much More…



What others have to say about my book “The Muslim Family Guide to Successful Homeschooling”:


“I’ve often wondered how other families have homeschooled and wish to have heard their experiences. Well, this book did just that, it allowed an inside look at many different families with their own dynamics. I enjoyed reading about the experience that parents had with older kids, since my children are still young. The book is filled with real life experiences and lots of practical advice. A must have for parents with young children so that they can benefit from the advice of parents who have already dealt with the changes that puberty may bring. Even parents who don’t homeschool should get this book and read the chapter about dealing with teens and pros and cons of public school. Great book. I love it!


“I recieved this book and could not put it down. The author is honest and does not hide the complexities of homeschooling your child. She also highlights the rewards as well, Namely pleasing Allah (swt) and having children with a STRONG MUSLIM IDENTITY. One part to pay particular attention to: making your homes 100% ISLAMIC, Follow closely what your kids are reading, watching and doing. Islam first, and success will follow Insha Allah. And be ORGANIZED!!!! Pray and do many Duas. (sSome good duas are mentionned in the book.) Great book, and may Allah reward the author for her advice and perseverance. Remember do not regret whatever career you are giving up, you only get one small window of opportunity to properly educate your child! Make the right choice for thier sake. BUY THIS BOOK, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. Small price for such sound advice!”

-Khadijah Lynn

“Wonderful book! Full of inspiration on the challenges and rewards of raising and teaching our children in a wholesome Muslim household. She includes beautiful dua to say for our children and ourselves as a reminder that Allah is in control of everything.

The author states the essence of her book in the following statement: “I have no regrets. I believe, as many of the other homeschool mothers have said, that all the things you give up mean nothing compared to your child’s education and Islamic upbringing.”

I highly recommend this book to all parents considering or already homeschooling their kids and in need of encouragement.”

Grandma Jeddah

So What Are You Waiting For?

Get A New Attitude and Fresh Perspective on Your Child’s Education!

The Muslim Family Guide to Successful Homeschooling

The Muslim Family Guide to Successful Homeschooling

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