Islamic Phonics Readers Series For Muslim Children

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Islamic Phonics Readers Series
 We are very passionate about these readers and we know that Muslim families around the world will benefit greatly from them. It is so important that our children use curriculum that depicts our core values and helps them establish a relationship with their Lord. I feel as though we are in a tug-a-war for our children’s souls. Islamic media is a very important weapon in this struggle. It’s wonderful to see creative sisters and brothers producing many great works nowadays, Mashallah. Awesome media for Muslim children is steadily being published and produced. We are ready to add the Islamic Phonics Readers Series to the pool of wonderful resources out there.
So far 1 of the readers are ready to be published and we are in the process of completing the others. The stories are written and our talented children, Alhumdulilah, are helping us finish the illustrations for the remaining books.

Islamic Phonics Readers Series

Page from Adam to Zamzam, the first reader in the Islamic Phonics Readers Series
Please help us make this dream become a reality. We are asking that you contribute in one or all of three ways:
1. Monetarily. Any and all donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated.
2. Share, Share, Share! Tweet it, facebook it, instagram it, blog about it, pin it, all that good stuff! We need this campaign to go viral, Inshallah. Please help us make that happen.
3. Dua. Inshallah if you could just say a little dua, right now, asking Allah to help us reach our goals that will be so helpful. Your duas are much needed.
We won’t be able to bring this into fruition without you. Please join our team and help us make this dream a reality.   Thank you so much for your time and continued support. May Allah reward you all. 🙂
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