Mentos Geyser Experiment

Mentos Geyser Experiment-

My three youngest boys, and some friends of mine’s daughters did this super cool experiment at the park. I had been checking out the mentos geyser experiment on other folk’s blogs and pinterest pages for a good minute.  When I finally remembered to buy the only two supplies I needed, cola and mentos, I just happened to be at the store. I grabbed what the two items but I wasn’t sure if I had gotten the right stuff. Was it OK to buy generic cola? Did it need to be Pepsi? I couldn’t remember. So when I got home I checked. No it did hot have to be Pepsi, but it did need to be diet. Oh well, I had gotten the wrong kind, but it was no biggie. I exchanged the ones I had on the way to the park to do the experiment.

Other then making sure you have the right cola, there really is nothing to this project. We used the mentos wrappers to push the mentos into the cola bottle and then vaVooosh! The cola went spiriling into the air! The kids went crazy watching it go. You can see by the expressions on their little faces just how much fun they were having.



Mentos Geyser Experiment- Muslim Homeschool Blog Science Experiment

Mentos Geyser Experiment- Muslim Homeschool Blog Science Experiment


Mentos Geyser Experiment- Muslim Homeschool Blog Science Experiment


Mentos Geyser Experiment- Muslim Homeschool Blog Science Experiment


The next day we talked about what a geyser is and the children drew pictures of geysers in their notebooks. We didn’t spend a lot of time on this particular topic, but I’m sure we will be revisiting it again. We will probably do the same project, inshalah. I have a feeling the kids won’t mind doing the same thing all over again. 🙂


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Have you ever done the mentos experiment? If so let us know all about it in the comments below. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. That’s so cool! My kids are looking forward to making that awesome spiral! It’s experiments like this that keep the kids enjoying learning and it gives them a break from the usually. Thanks

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