First Time Fasting Book Review

Noor Kids First Time Fasting: Book Review

Age Range: 3-8

Publisher: Noor Kids

What is fasting all about? Is it just a ritual we do once a year followed by a feast and lots of gift giving? Are there lessons to be learned through abstaining from food and drink? In Noor Kid’s “First Time Fasting” kids will learn the answers to these questions and much more. The author takes on the subject of fasting in a very unique and creative way.

First Time Fasting Book Review

The book begins with the parents and teachers page which gives a synopsis of the book. The next page tells you about the resources that can be found on their website Then they go right into the first story, “Amin’s Half-Day Fasts”. This is a story about a boy who learns to manage his anger through fasting. He learns how to practice self control and by the end of the story he’s an old pro at waiting patiently.  What I like most about this story is that children can see how a real life issue that can be managed through fasting. It makes a connection between every day life and this very important ritual.

First Time Fasting Book Review

The second story is about Shireen. Shireen comes down with a cold and there for is unable to travel to India with her mom. She is hit with another uncomfortable situation while her mom is gone. When Shireen’s mother returns she finds out that there are children with much bigger challenges then she has. She learns a very good lesson on being grateful for what she has. This story teaches the lesson we all want to learn during Ramadan: be grateful for what you have and think of others who are less fortunate! I really enjoyed reading this story and appreciated the reminder for my self as well as for my children.

Noor Kids First Time Fasting Book Review

Noor Kids did a great job! We definitely recommend grabbing this book for your kiddos. Be sure to check out their other tittles at

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