Noor Kids Stand Up To Bullying Book Review

Created by Mahvish Irfan and Amin Aaser

Age Range: 3-8

Publisher: Noor Kids

ISBN: 978-0-9847073-7-9

Noor kids is a fun and exciting series of books for Muslim children. These books cover a multitude of topics such as praying, fasting, Hajj, patience, honesty, and gratitude. They tackle real life issues that children face everyday. There is a strong emphasis on character building, critical thinking skills and basic Islamic principles. The illustrations are colorful and the stories are fun and exciting. I like the comprehension questions in the middle and end of the stories. The questions stimulate dialogue between kids, teachers and parents. These books are a great addition to your library. You and your children will love reading this state of the art Islamic book series.

Book Review: Noor Kids Stand Up To Bullying

Today I am reviewing “Noor Kids Stand Up To Bullying”. This book begins with a bit of information geared towards parents and educators. The author gives statistics on bullying, a hadith that supports taking a stance against bullying and explains the goal of the book: to motivate children to take a stand against bullying.

Book Review: Noor Kids Stand Up To Bullying

The first story in the book is about a boy named Asad who is faced with bullying at school. Through the story, kids learn how to stand up for themselves without turning to violence or reciprocating the same behavior.  Also children see that it is a good idea to notify an adult if someone is bullying them at school. Asad tells his dad, who calls Zain’s (the bully) parents and lets them know what their son has been doing. Zain learns his lesson in the end.

Book Review: Noor Kids Stand Up To Bullying

The next story tackles a problem that lots of kids face today; wanting to fit in without compromising their principles. A student named Amirah wants to fit in with the other girls in the Fine Arts Club, but all they do is bully other kids by starting rumors about others and being mean. Amira eventually decides to do the right thing and she lets the others know that making fun of people is not right. She recites a dua the night before, then goes to school the next day and teaches the other girls a lesson. Because she is brave enough to stand up to the bullies, they are able to see their mistakes and they change their ways.

As an added bonus the authors end the book with an Arabic lesson. The letter covered in this edition is dal.

This book will appeal to parents and teachers who are looking to start a conversation about bullying with their children and students. The authors have done an excellent job of bringing this very important topic to light. We give this book a 5!

Be sure to stop by Noor Kids and check out all their titles. We appreciate your visits so come back again soon. Happy homeschooling! 🙂





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