Successful Muslim Homeschooling Gardening Challenge 2: Lets Go Garden!

We are having our first annual gardening challenge here at SMHS blog. Yaay! We hope to inspire and encourage more families to start growing their own food in their back yards, front yards, window seals, on the roof, (yes you can garden on your roof! Google it), wherever you can find a spot to put a pot. 🙂

Why should we grow our own foods? I’ll give you eight great reasons:

  1. For the pleasure of Allah. Allah wants us to eat foods that is healthy and nutritious and gardening provides us with better, healthier food.
  2. Eating foods from our garden gives us better health.  Better health leads to better living.
  3. Food from the garden is less expensive than buying from the grocery store.
  4. Fruits vegetables and herbs straight from the garden have much more flavor than the ones from the grocery store.
  5. Gardening gives us a sense of self-sufficiency
  6. Gardening enhances our mental health as it is a very relaxing activity.
  7. Gardening is a great way to get your exercise on!  😉
  8. When we work in our garden we are more connected with nature, which in turn makes us feel closer to Allah.
  9. Gardening is a great group and family activity.

After pondering the above reasons for gardening and seeing the gardens of other folks in my community, I was ready to rock and roll! Now if I can just get the hang of it Inshalah. We did ok last time but we did have a few problems. The chickens kept getting loose and eating up the broccoli, cabbage and lettuce and I harvested my cabbage too late so the leaves weren’t too tasty. But our lettuce turned out good so I used it in my salads and the peas were absolutely delicious! They never made it to the salad we just ate them right off the vine lol. I’m really excited about starting over. Inshalah I will keep yall posted on our progress.

                                   Our Oregon sweet peas and broccoli.


     The peas were so pretty Mashalah! I like the way they sprout from flowers:)



                                                                         Our broccoli.

                                                                     Celery and cabbage

                                                                          Red cabbage




 “…And (further) you see the earth barren and lifeless, but when We pour down rain on it, it is stirred (to life), (oscillates), it swells, And it puts forth every kind of beautiful growth (in pairs)  Surah 22, Ayah 5 

We hope you found this post helpful inshalah. Our goal is to share ideas and activities to help Muslim homeschooling families on their journey. Your feed back is helpful so please leave us a comment below. If you have any gardening pics and/or stories please send them to Thanks for stopping by, and please visit us again:)






Jamila is a homeschool mom, author, blogger, entrepreneur and sometimes gardener.

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