Noor Kids First Time Fasting: Book Review

First Time Fasting Book Review

Age Range: 3-8 Publisher: Noor Kids What is fasting all about? Is it just a ritual we do once a year followed by a feast and lots of gift giving? Are there lessons to be learned through abstaining from food and drink? In Noor Kid’s “First Time Fasting” kids will learn the answers to these questions […]

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Noor Kids Stand Up To Bullying Book Review

Created by Mahvish Irfan and Amin Aaser Age Range: 3-8 Publisher: Noor Kids ISBN: 978-0-9847073-7-9 Noor kids is a fun and exciting series of books for Muslim children. These books cover a multitude of topics such as praying, fasting, Hajj, patience, honesty, and gratitude. They tackle real life issues that children face everyday. There is a strong […]

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