The Olivewood Garden

Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center is a beautiful urban garden located in National City, California. Their goal is “connect and motivate students and families from diverse backgrounds through organic gardening, environmental stewardship and nutrition education”. Alhumdulilah, I think they are doing a fantastic job. They offer a free tour every Tuesday, free cooking classes on Saturday, and they offer many different gardening classes for children and adults at very reasonable prices. This was our first time visiting The Olivewood Garden, and we loved it! I can’t wait to go back again. Here are the pictures we took Click on each photo to make them larger):

These are the same peas we are growing!

This is passion fruit. It’s growing on an arched trellis that makes a tunnel for the kids to walk through. Very cool alhumdulilah:-)


We found out that it is not a good idea to plant food in tires as they are made with chemicals that can leak into your dirt. Instead you should plant flowers and non-edible plants.


Beautiful view of Mount Miguel.

            This is wheat. Interesting to see what wheat looks like before it is                                     made into bread and other baked goods.

They use this neat contraption to collect rainwater.

In July 2006 Christy Walton donated her former home and garden in National City to the International Community Foundation

This is where they have the cooking classes.

The greenhouse.

We were happy to meet their cute little chickens:-)

There were lots of monarch catterpillars and butterflies.

Their garden is humongous and so very beautiful! I could have spent the whole day there.

Lots of good information to read:-)

After we left we decided to go have a look at a couple of the other victorian homes in the neighborhood.

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  1. nice. imma have to go visit it too. i’ve only heard and called and emailed folks there…i have been to fibonacci’s organic plot up in UTC..they grow the food for Fibonacci’s cafeteria. VERY neat set up. I believe they have a facebook page…but they take visitors up there too. not as expansive as olivewood, but just as good food.

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