The Teenager’s Guide To School Outside The Box: Book Review

Title: The Teenager’s Guide To School Outside The Box.

Author: Rebecca Greene

Reviewer: Karemah Alhark

I must say that instantly, when I saw the title of this book, I knew that I’d have a great experience reading it. Being both a mother of five children (an eight year old, two teenagers and two preteens) and an outside of the box thinker, I was desperately in need of reading “The Teenager’s Guide To School Outside The Box“. All of my children are homeschooled. I’ve always tried to keep the learning experience interesting and relevant for them. However as they get older, it begins to get a bit more challenging. This is the time when you need to access more resources. Your children can most certainly begin to outgrow you. This book comprehensibly, yet so very interestingly, spells out all of the ins and outs of “alternative learning” options for young teens. In part one of the book, “What You Can Do While Living At Home”, each chapter explains one of the following alternative learning options; volunteering, taking college classes, participating in a mentoring program, job shadowing, internships, and apprenticeships. Part two of the book is called, “What You Can Do Away from Home… or Far, Far Away”. Here the author introduces her young adult readers to a multitude of learning possibilities that can be experienced abroad. She explains the options of camps, adventure programs, as well as study and volunteer abroad opportunities. Each chapter is full of real life stories from teens whove had alternative learning experiences. This book also furnishes young readers with loads of resources such as organizations, programs, and books that they can access in order to get them headed in the right direction.

Book Review: The Teenager’s Guide To School Outside The Box

I really enjoyed reading this book. To have had such a book when I was young would have been a wonderful asset. I would have gotten more benefit from reading this, than I did from meeting with my unengaging high school guidance counselor. Each chapter made me more aware of just how much I missed out on in my teenage years. My adventurous nature has been enticed. This book has given me lots of ideas for helping my children to access alternative learning experiences that’ll be relevant to their interests.

Thank you so much Rebecca Greene for this wonderfulbook! I’d advise young adults and parents to read “The Teenager’s Guide To School Outside The Box”. It can make a world of difference in how you decide to approach the rest of your school years. Embarking on some, or even all of the suggested outside of the box learning alternatives will make all of the difference in the word in terms of your life’s learning experience.


Karemah Alhark is a homeschool mom, entrepreneur, nutritionist, and author. Be sure to check out her facebook page Halal Healthy Meals for recipes and health tips.

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