Arabic Alphabet Blocks

ThinkerNation Arabic Alphabet Puzzle: Review

Alhumduliah, ThinkerNation has created a great product! This Arabic Alphabet Puzzle is a wonderful teaching tool designed to help children with Arabic alphabet letter recognition. It is so nice to see such a fine product on the market. Puzzles provide children with hours of educational play. Our kids need products like these that nurture love for our sacred language. Teaching Muslim children Arabic is a must if they are to have a better understanding of the words in the Holy Quran. Inshallah, this will  help them establish a relationship with their Lord. May Allah reward ThinkerNation for this wonderful contribution to the Muslim ummah. With ThinkerNation’s Arabic Alphabet Puzzle, learning Arabic is a fun and interactive experience!

Arabic Alphabet Blocks

The most striking thing about this puzzle is the design. I love the way they made the blocks, nice and chunky, yet perfect for toddler-sized hands.The blocks are durable and well made with beautiful, vibrant colors. The letters that have dots are all on one puzzle piece, which I think is a great idea. No worrying about missing dots!  

Arabic Alphabet Blocks

ThinkerNation’s Arabic Alphabet Puzzle is great for students who are visual and kinesthetic (hands on) learners. Puzzles are also a great tool for teaching cognitive skills, problem solving, fine motor development and eye-hand coordination. Children will learn all of these skills and Arabic in a fun way. You can’t beat that!


Arabic Alphabet Blocks

I feel that companies should put pride in every aspect of their product and that includes the packaging. ThinkerNation did not disappoint in this area. The box is beautifully designed with unique and colorful artwork. It looks professional, smooth and neat. Great job guys!

We received our puzzles very quickly and without any hiccups. The customer service is excellent and the staff is personable and easy to communicate with. I give them an A+ for an overall pleasant experience.


Arabic Alphabet Blocks

My Children’s Reviews

Miss Marry (3 years old): I think it’s beautiful!

Aleezy (6 years old): I like it! I like it because it’s not too easy. I could play with it all day. I love it!

E (8 years old): It was fun because it was challenging.

Sainy (10 years old): It’s a great way to learn the Arabic alphabet.


Arabic Alphabet Blocks

Last Thoughts

There are 7 green pieces, 6 blue, 5 yellow, 4 red, 3 orange and so on. The learning guide accordingly covers these basic 7 colors and number names. Dots are attached to maximize tactile engagement. Oh and I forgot to mention that the back of the puzzle is a chalkboard! The designers did this in order to “help develop pre-writing skills and finger strength,” Alhumdulilah. How cool is that? It was also created with the input of Montessori educators “to ensure a learning experience that is hands on and as open ended as possible.” There are no stickers, weirdly placed pegs, or wobbly forms. Just good ole’ fashioned learning while having fun!

I Imagine there will be many children opening up gift boxes containing these beautiful Arabic puzzles this Eid. Inshallah I’m sure they will be thrilled! It is quite clear that the folks at ThinkerNation devoted a lot of time and energy into creating this superior product. As a mom and an educator, I truly appreciate their efforts and I am looking forward to seeing what else they have in store for us.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read our review of ThinkerNation’s Arabic Alphabet Puzzle. Now that you’ve had a little preview, head on over to for more details about this awesome educational tool. If you decide to purchase one for your kiddo please let us know what you think in the comment section below.


May Allah accept all of your prayers and good deeds for this Ramadan 2017! Ramadan Mubarak! 🙂


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