Trace on Me - Wipe Clean Book in Arabic and English

Trace on Me – Wipe Clean Book in Arabic and English: Review

We have a lot of talented brothers and sisters out there busy creating new and exciting products for our Muslim youth! Trace on Me – Wipe Clean Book in Arabic and English is one of the latest products to hit the market. It’s an awesome wipe-able practice book, full of educational activities designed to engage eager learners. Children can learn, in Arabic and English languages, the alphabets (including uppercase and lowercase), numbers, colors and shapes. The book is full of connect-the-dots and matching games to make lessons fun and interactive.



I think it’s really cool that you don’t need to buy a separate book for all these subjects. It’s all in there! There’s even a page just to draw without any boundaries! All of the pages are dry erase for repeated use and practice. A dry erase marker is included.

My boys really enjoy using this book. The first time they used it was at our Masjid. I took it with us to keep my busy boys occupied. It worked! They happily traced the Arabic alphabet and didn’t stop until I took it from them because it was time to go.


Trace on Me-Wipe Clean Book in Arabic and English is available on Amazon. Click the link to check it out, Inshallah. Receive a coupon for this product when you subscribe to the website Let’s support this sister’s beautiful work by sharing her site and Amazon products. If you purchase this awesome project, please be sure to leave our sister some feedback on Amazon.

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